— A small country with
a huge  vision

Why Costa rica?

Costa Rica has enjoyed a stable democracy for more than 100 years being   recognized   worldwide   for   its   peace   and   democracy   as   an example for the rest of the countries in the region in Latin America. Army was abolished in 1948 and ever since the country has never had any issues or discrepancies were an army could be considered of importance.

Privilege Geographical Location

Due to Costa Rica location in Central America it has not been hit by a hurricane or major storm directly for more than 20 years. Unique destination, Costa Rica is gorgeous country, amazing flora and fauna with friendly people.


96% literacy being one of the highest in Latin America, Costa Rica counts with an amazing public education system providing free education for its citizens. A vast amount of Costa Ricans also speak a foreign language being English the most important.


Temperatures on the coasts reaching mid 90’s year around regardless of dry or rainy season due to its location in the Tropic of Cancer close to the Ecuador.

Almost 20,000 square miles, no larger than West Virginia representing only the 0.01% of the world’s landmass yet it contains about 5% of the world’s biodiversity where close to 30% of the country’s land is in protected national parks system and conservation areas; the largest percentage of protected areas in the world.

Costa Rica

All these interesting facts besides than Costa Rica’s great adventure, sun and fun make it a great destination that will create that special experience and memories to last forever; once you visit Costa Rica, it will continue to be the point of reference on which your following incentive programs will be measured up!